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Hey, it’s me, Ryland Russell.  Thanks for checking out my website and my music.  Here is a little more info about myself.

First off, I live in Owasso, OK with my beautiful wife Mindy and my children Isaac and Hope.  I am a blessed husband/father.  I have had the opportunity to travel with my band leading worship for youth events, conferences, camps, Dnows etc since I was a freshman in college (Go Bronchos!).  God has allowed me to lead for groups of a few and groups of thousands, no matter the size I love the position that God allows me to be in.  Since April of 2010 I have been the Worship & Media Arts Pastor at Central Baptist Church in Owasso.

Worship is my passion and I am humbled that God uses me to lead others to worship him through music.  I love the fact that I get to go to work each day and do what I love.

I have recorded two CD’s which you can check out some of in the Music section of the website, or you may be listening to now.  I’d love to come to your area and lead with the band, so drop me a line via the booking form and let’s get connected.

Random Info:

Favorite Artists- Michael Gungor, Jars of Clay, Jared Anderson, Fee, Charlie Hall, Good worship tunes, indie acoustic stuff, country once every year or so.

Favorite Restaurants- Kang’s in Edmond, Chick-Fil-A, The Melting Pot

Favorite College- Oklahoma University

Hometown- Chickasha, OK

Guitar of Choice – Larrive’e Acoustic

Highschool Mascot- Fightin’ Chicks

Random Fact- I met my wife when I was 14 at church camp and we’ve been together ever since!


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Waking up to Dream CD

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Ryland’s latest CD Release entitled “Waking up to Dream” is available in all digital retailers, and you can also order your hard copy in the Merchandise page of the site.
Waking Up to Dream is a project that was born of the notion that God still works miracles in our lives today. From tracks such as “All I Need” which tells of God using a personal tragedy to remind us of how he provides for us, to “Name Be Praised” which is a worship song proclaiming the power in the names of our Lord. There is the re-arranged “A Thousand Singing” which goes back to the beautiful hymn that is a cornerstone in our faith, to “Beliefs” which talks about the things that really matter in life. There is truly a song for every taste and style and the prayer for each listener is that you may find words that will guide you in your personal worship of the God who “opens up our eyes to see miracles again.”

The Christian Manifesto gives it 4/5 Stars in their review……

Waking Up To Dream is good stuff. In an overcrowded worship market full of David Crowder clones, it’s nice to hear something a bit different. Ryland Russell has done something that so many independent artists fail to do when they put out a worship album—connect with the listener while connecting the listener to God. Read full review


Heart of the Child - Here for You
Let the Praises Ring
Name Be Praised Lyric Video
Name Be Praise - ETC
Camp WOW


Thank you for your interest in having Ryland at your next event.  Use the form below to give us some details of your event and we will get back with you right away.

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You can have full confidence in what you will get with Ryland Russell at your event.  Check out what some of your colleagues are saying about him….

Endorsed Ministry Guide Approved Member Ryland is also an approved member of the “Endorsed Ministry Guide”

Andy Harrison
BGCO Student Ministry Specialist
“I have used Ryland as a worship leader in two very different settings (one for youth leaders and another for a children’s event) and he excelled at both. He is very gifted, enjoys people, loves the Lord, and is exceptionally easy to work with as a ministry partner in your event. I would recommend Ryland to any church or organization seeking quality leadership for a wonderful worship experience.”
Leighton Flowers
BGCT Youth Evangelism Director
“Ryland and his band connected with the students both on and off the stage at Super Summer. Worship is obviously his passion and his God-given gift. He uses this gift with humility and professionalism. I highly recommend Ryland to anyone looking for a top quality worship leader.”
Steve Brazzel
Director of ETC Student Camp
“Ryland led a fantastic week of worship at our camp. He humbly led students and adults to worship the Lord and kept the focus on the Savior. He is great to work with and a pleasure to be around for the week. We would be happy to have Ryland back at our camp in the future.”
Tracy Hill
Director of Camp WOW
“We were so blessed to have Ryland Russell Band lead our worship services at Camp WOW this summer. They do a wonderful job of leading the crowd into a powerful time of praise and worship. Their love for Jesus is clearly seen on stage and off. To quote my daughter, she said, “if that song didn’t move you, then something is wrong with you!” We heard wonderful feedback from youth and church leaders alike of how much they enjoyed their worship experiences, everyone really responded to worship with Ryland Russell Band leading the way! God sent us just who we needed!”
Jeff Martin
Founder -Fields of Faith Ministries
“The Ryland Russell Band has a special way of bringing people into the presence of God. They are exceptionally gifted musicians and their sound is unbelievable! I’ve dealt with a lot of Christian artists over the past 20 years, and you can tell a lot about a band by how they act off the stage. Ryland is not about performance, he is about service. He isn’t marked by pride, but by humility. That is why I will continue to join with him in our ministry for years to come.”
Tommy Haines
Lead Pastor of
The Ryland Russell Band is a fun group of guys who have a heart for the Lord and for worship. If you want someone to not only lead your group in worship but connect and love your people they would be a great choice. Ryland has a contemporary relevant rock sound that can reach multiple groups. I highly recommend him to you.
Keith Haygood
BGCO Worship & Music Ministry Specialist
We invited Ryland to lead worship for our student musical festival in Bricktown OKC and were very pleased with his music and leadership. This group has a heart for leading people to the throne of grace in worship and I would highly recommend them.
Ryan Smith
Worship Pastor Eagle Heights Stillwater, OK
“I decided to have Ryland Russell lead our students in worship at a discipleship weekend after hearing their CD. The Ryland Russell Band is by far one of the best worship bands I have ever worked with. Their musicianship has a committed excellence and their worship is engaging and obviously spirit-led. I would HIGHLY recommend Ryland Russell for any and all events your group may be having. One of the easiest, kindest, and Christ-like bands we’ve ever had.”
Nathan Waganer
Youth Pastor – Village Baptist, OKC
The Ryland Russell Band did a great job in being “lead worshippers” for our students. Their hearts were genuine, and music quality was great! Thanks guys!


Below you will find chord sheets and lyric files for Ryland’s songs.  Feel free to use them.

Waking up to Dream Lyrics Chords
Anthem Lyrics Chords Loop Sequence
Name Be Praised Lyrics Chords Loop Sequence
A Thousand Singing Lyrics Chords Loop Sequence
Beautiful Lyrics Chords
Made Me Whole Lyrics Chords
You are Love Lyrics Chords
Walk this Road Lyrics Chords
All I Need Lyrics Chords Performance Track
This Love Lyrics Chords Loop Sequence
Beliefs Lyrics Chords